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Find Chrysler vehicles at the Matteson Auto Mall



If you are looking for a dealership that carries Chrysler models, then you are in luck. All of the dealerships located in the Matteson Auto Mall at I-57 and US 30 have used Chrysler models in stock, including the Chrysler 200, the Chrysler 300, PT Cruiser models, Town and Country vans, Sebrings, convertibles and more!


Finding a Used Chrysler Has Never Been Easier


Chrysler has been a popular brand in America for decades. As one of Detroit's 'Big Three', Chrysler continues to push out some of the best affordable luxury cars like the Chrysler 300 and one of the best and most popular family vans, the Town and Country, which has won numberous awards over the years for safety and design. The popular Chrysler Sebring is no longer in production, however because this car was so popular among convertible lovers, our Matteson Auto Mall dealerships often stock Sebrings in their inventory. PT Cruisers are also common through the used car inventory here at the Matteson Auto Mall.


While the Matteson Auto Mall does not have a new Chrysler dealership within our boundaries, our dealerships sell used Chrysler vehicles with only a couple of thousand miles on them, often times the same models and same years as new Chrysler models but at thousands of dollars lower in price. Many of these vehicles are under factory warranty because they have so few miles on them.


Chrysler Models at the Matteson Auto Mall


If you are in the market for a like new Chrysler model for sale near Matteson, head over to the Matteson Auto Mall and see what Chrysler models our dealerships have in stock. You may be surprised at the price reductions on many of the like new models, like many of our Chrysler 300 models that the Matteson Auto Mall typically has in stock. We are conveniently located just a few minutes south of Chicago along I-57 at US 30 (Lincoln Highway).

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