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Planet Toyota Adds to Their Already Solid Committment to Customers

With 40 years in the business as a car dealership, it's obvious Planet Toyota is doing something right. They attract customers from the Chicago area, with people traveling a few extra miles from Joliet and other nearby towns just for their commitment to the highest quality service, integrity and close attention to details. They know that good transportation at the best possible price is important. That's why every staff member makes sure that each step of the process is smooth and easy with no undue pressure, stress or surprises to their customers. 


The Concept of No Surprises Is Important

Sometimes, surprises are good, like finding a $20 bill that you forgot or a call from an old friend. When it comes to car buying, surprises aren't that much fun if they mean a higher cost, larger payments or a car that breaks down right after you purchase it. That's why the staff at Planet Toyota takes extra care to insure each customer is well informed each step of the way. The pre-owned vehicles under go a  rigorous inspection to uncover any problems and correct them if they can or never offer the vehicle for sale. Planet Toyota also offers pre-approved loan applications to ensure each customer knows his or her buying power and the type of financing they'll receive before they shop. The online trade-in evaluation tool helps customers get even more information. 


Respect and Integrity

No matter what the customer's situation or whether they make a vehicle purchase or not, this dealership believes each person deserves a pleasant car shopping experience and respect. We believe that maintaining their integrity by presenting all the facts is important. It must be, since they've stayed in business for over 40 years and get hundreds of new loyal customers from referrals and first visit car shoppers. They continue to provide the tools and information customers need to make the best vehicle purchase and take the time to listen to each person, so they can make the best recommendations.