Orland Park Dealerships vs Matteson Auto Mall

When it comes to car buying, there are many options to consider, but many customers may be overlooking an important aspect to buying a car. While most customers look at price, rebates, and financing offers, customers should consider the drive ability of the vehicle foremost to ensure that this is the vehicle for them and their lifestyle.

When test driving in a busy suburban area like Orland Park, you are limited to bust streets with traffic and stop lights, surrounded by neighborhoods, all of which has speed limits under 45 miles per hour. Traffic congestion and traffic signals take the test driving experience away from a driver because the driver becomes more focused on paying attention to traffic and the surrounding environment. When driving in an open area with highways, fields, and fewer traffic distractions, test driving a vehicle becomes a whole new experience.

Open Roads Surround the Matteson Auto Mall

At the Matteson Auto Mall, we are conveniently located right at the intersection of a major Chicago expressway (I-57) as well as a cross-country state highway (US 30). Drivers who choose to shop at the Matteson Auto Mall versus the dealerships in Orland Park have the option of driving on the expressway, or along open country roads. Because the Matteson Auto Mall is on the suburban edge of Chicagoland, a driver can also choose to test drive on a busy thoroughfare like US 30, which is loaded with shopping, restaurants, and traffic signals.

With the Orland Park dealerships so far away from a nearby expressway, it only makes sense for those traveling from Chicago to take advantage of the convenience of having the Matteson Auto Mall only 15 minutes from the city limits. The Matteson Auto Mall has thousands of new and used vehicles to choose from with many different auto manufacturers here including Hyundai, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Kia, Cadillac, Buick and more.

More Vehicles, More Financing Options

With more than 10,000 new and used vehicles available at the Matteson Auto Mall, shoppers don’t have to go very far to find their vehicle of choice. Whether you are looking for a new vehicle, used vehicle, or a certified pre-owned vehicle to call your own, the Matteson Auto Mall has it waiting for you. Avoid having to pull into dealership after dealership in Orland Park along 159th Street.

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