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New Ford Models for Sale near Orland Park

Finding a Ford dealer near Orland Park that offers the best service and prices on new cars is easy for people in Orland Park and Tinley Park and you don't have to drive for miles.  Sutton Ford is just eight miles away in the Matteson Auto Mall, which makes shopping conveniently close.  Even test driving a car is easier here. You never have to take the vehicle out into traffic, which can get pretty nerve racking, particularly during inclement weather.  When you shop at Sutton Ford, you have 110 acres to test drive the car, allowing you to get the feel of the vehicle, make quick stops, accelerate rapidly and do all the driving test you need to do, without worrying about other drivers. It gives you a chance to listen to the motor or for noises you might not hear in normal traffic.


The ease of shopping is even made easier when you visit Sutton Ford online. Just click on the new car section of their website and check the model of Ford you want.  You can even narrow your search further by identifying the price range, cab, engine and fuel consumption, as well as other features. You'll even find specials this Ford dealer is presently offering. You can schedule a test drive, fill out a finance application and even estimate payments online, as well. Even though Sutton Ford is just 8 minutes away from Tinley Park and Orland Park IL, offering these online services makes car shopping easier, allowing you to do a lot of it from the comfort of your home.


Sutton Ford Provides Great Deals on New Cars for Residents of Orland Park IL and Tinley Park 


One of the biggest questions new car buyers have is whether to buy or to lease. The sales staff at Sutton Ford is ready to help with that question and any others you have. The dealership is known for helping customers make the best decision before they buy. If you're unsure about the type of car you want, they ask questions that help narrow down the choices, such as the number of people you normally transport or how you use your car. The number of miles you drive and your budget for gas is also important.  Many of the questions also help them help you to decide whether to purchase a vehicle or lease one. Leased vehicles can help you stretch your vehicle budget and give you the opportunity to get a more eco-friendly or luxurious vehicle, since the monthly payments are normally less than those of a loan for purchase.


There's plenty of financing options when you shop at Sutton Ford, so they can offer many options to help you get into the car you want, while still keeping the payments affordable. Even after the sale, Sutton Ford continues to serve your needs. Some new car dealers, including some Ford dealers, sell you the car, but don’t back up the sale with excellent service afterward. That's not true of Sutton Ford. They even provide the ability to contact a service technician if you're unsure whether you need to bring your vehicle in for further evaluation.